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Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

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from the
Head, T&P Cell

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Dear Friends

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you all to Indian Institute of Technology Ropar campus for 2020-21 placement and internship sessions. The IIT brand name is world-renowned and needs no introduction. In accordance with the high expectations from IITians, our students and graduates have earned numerous accolades from the organisations that they worked with as interns or as employees and I am certain that your recruitment team will have a very productive and satisfying visit to our institute.

The curriculum at IIT Ropar is designed to not only provide students with extremely strong technical knowledge but to also hone their personal development so that they become well rounded individuals who are an asset to any organisation that they are part of. Our students receive opportunities to learn not just through well designed classroom and laboratory activities but also through active participation in research and industrial collaboration projects, student societies and competitions, social service activities, and through exposure to enterpreneurship from an early stage.

Apart from our exceptional students, our rather great strength lies in our faculty, who have performed years of cutting edge research in highly reputed organisations around the world. With the active mentoring from the faculty members, our students are exposed to the latest technological developments in their field, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Once again I cordially invite you to our campus for placements and I look forward to continuing a fruitful relationship between your organisation and IIT Ropar.

धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्

(Deploy our intellect on the right path).

Jai Hind!