Career Development and Placement Cell
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

About the Career Development Cell

The Career Development Cell at IIT Ropar caters to the following needs for the IIT Ropar student community:
  • Facilitating discovery of potential, interests and aptitudes (self-discovery).

  • Organizing opportunities for students on developing effective communication skills (e.g. resumes, group discussions and interviews) and gearing them up for lifelong learning.

  • Organizing speaking opportunities and workshops by professionals (e.g. IIT alumni, faculty, Human Resource Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Industries, Research Organizations-Domestic and International) who are interested in inspiring and enabling achievement-oriented and talented IIT Ropar students.

  • Recommending and developing resources for career development (e.g. library development, peer-learning initiatives, adult learning) for the future scientific and technical workforce.

Learning Community

Learning Community

Placement and Corporate Relations Centre students were encouraged to begin a “Learning Community”. A Learning Community is a student-led study group where initial encouragement is provided by Career Development Cell @IIT Ropar through a small development grant in the form of support for books periodicals. The philosophy behind a “Learning Community” is to help students achieve their dreams and aspirations which may not be addressed through a typical placement activity in a technology school. The Learning Communities are useful to address career options like preparation for management and serving the country through Administrative and Defence Services. We encourage students for ideas and interested personnel to get in touch with us for participation in panel discussion or sessions.

Bridging Connections

Bridging Connections

An important aspect of Career Development Cell @ IIT Ropar is to bridge connections between IIT Ropar and institutions. In association with the Corporate Relations section we strive to identify learning opportunities between organizations and IIT Ropar. These learning opportunities could be in the form of supporting organizations of professional interest (e.g. Lean-In, Toastmasters and Society for Women Engineers: planned for 2018-19) to visiting academic and research institutions to learn and engage from the best and share with our community.

Enhancing Student Mobility

Enhancing Mobility

The Professional Development section of the Career Development and Corporate Relations Centre is working continually on connecting students to best available opportunities beyond the rich academic environment of IIT Ropar. In 2018, our students have participated in various initiatives ranging from representing their research in industry forums to sharing their opinion on issues of global and national importance. At IIT Ropar we always encourage interested organizations to share opportunities where our talented students could showcase their potential.